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Research Day is a time-honored tradition at LSUSD. This year’s event had special significance as it reunited the pre-doctoral students and residents for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. "It's good to be together again," said Dr. Paul Fidel, director of the Center for Excellence in Oral and Craniofacial Biology, which sponsored the event. "Dedicating a full day to showcase our students' research shows the value we place on their hard work all year long."

Katie McClendon, Cole Johnson, and Jeff Bennett are winners of the poster competition

Winners of the pre-doctoral poster competition were Jeff Bennett (D3), Katie McClendon (D2) and Cole Johnson (D2). As first-place winner, Bennett will attend the Student Clinician Research Program at the annual conference of the American Dental Association (ADA) to be held in Orlando in October. He was also given an award from Dentsply International. Second-place winner McClendon attended the ADA-sponsored Dental Students' Conference on Research in Gaithersburg, Maryland in May. Cole Johnson will attend the Hinman Student Research Symposium in Memphis, Tennessee, in October.

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