Talk About Teamwork!

Dean Henry Gremillion and Dr. Kay Jordan

When members of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) met in New Orleans last month for the annual meeting, dentists from across the United States came to LSUSD to stage the organization's first-ever outreach event.

"It was our chance to showcase the school to the national dental community," said Dr. Henry Gremillion. "The school was brimming with activity that day. I could not be more pleased with the positive comments made by those who participated."

"The numbers speak for themselves," said Dr. Kay Jordan, a 1999 graduate of LSUSD and key organizer of the event. "Forty dentists and 60 other volunteers from around the country provided care for 181 patients who were in acute pain. We were able to do this because of the wholehearted support of Dr. Gremillion, the faculty and students of the dental school. I am so proud of my alma mater."

Dr. T.R. Prosper, a volunteer dentist from Washington, D.C., noted that "everything went smoothly and it was a relaxed atmosphere. The patients often did not see the connection between what they ate and the condition of their teeth. Many were missing a lot of back teeth at a relatively young age, in their 40s. One patient had not seen a dentist since her last child was born, 27 years ago."

Overview of the main clinic in which 100 dental volunteers from around the country provided services to 181 patients from charitable organizations in the New Orleans area. 

Another volunteer dentist, Dr. Dennis Manning from suburban Chicago, said that "the patients were very appreciative. Even when their teeth were being pulled, they were grateful for the relief. We were good to them and they were good to us."

In addition to the outreach event, 351 AGD members attended five courses at LSUSD.

"Throughout the week, during the course of the AGD meetings, people were saying good things about our facilities and our people," said Dr. Gremillion. "The combination of the outreach event and our CE classes added to our national stature."

A total of 1, 410 dentists attended the AGD national meeting.

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