Scholarship Recipients, 2017-2018

Baldridge Scholarship
The following students received the 2017 Baldridge Scholarship for their outstanding academic achievements in 2016-2017. Scholarships are awarded in each class to the students with the highest overall GPA. The first-year dental students are selected on undergraduate GPA and performance on the DAT examination.

D1:  Cecil Fruge III, Kyle Gresham, Ryan Hoang, Ryan Riley, Ann-Marie Simon
D2:  Thomas Beckstrom, Austin Ber, Alli Blanchard, Brandon Breard, Emily Guarisco, Tabita Hooper, Zachary Jackson, Sydney Lahasky, Lauren Langlois, Tyrel Larsen, Claire LeBlanc, Tami Nguyen, Anna Roberts
D3:  Davis Beard, Jacob Ellender, Aubrey Exnicios, Daniel Gonzales, Camille Green, Ashley Habetz, Brooks Hummel
D4:  Hollis Clark, Seth DeJean, Mary Laborde, Ellyn Marks, Corey Romero

Delta Dental of Arkansas Scholarship
Catherine Akridge, Matthew Henson, Mark Whatcott are the recipients of the Delta Dental of Arkansas Scholarship. This award honors fourth-year dental students from Arkansas for high academic achievement.

Tracy Helm Scholarship
Senior dental hygiene student Bailey Barringer received the 2018 Tracy Helm Scholarship in Dental Hygiene. The scholarships honors a senior dental hygiene student who is outgoing, kind, and considerate of her faculty, fellow students, and patients.

Hotel Dieu Medical and Dental Staff Scholarship in Dentistry
The 2017 recipient of the Hotel Dieu Medical and Dental Staff Scholarship in Dentistry is Gerald "Trace" Favre. The scholarship honors a fourth-year dental student who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship, leadership, and professionalism for the first three years of dental school.

John Lapeze Scholarship
Lillie Bourgeois, DLT junior student, was awarded the 2017-2018 Lapeze Scholarship.

James L. Rodriguez Rodgers & Betty Rodgers Scholarship
The purpose of this scholarship is to provide assistance and encouragement to worthy dental students who have completed the LSUSD Summer Enrichment Program. The program encourages under-represented minority students and students from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue a career in dentistry. Dr. James Rodgers is a 1976 LSUSD graduate. Students receive the scholarship for each of their four years of dental school.

D2:  Seaira-Myangel Miles, Tami Nguyen, Tariq Swati
D3:  Grace Bernhard, Trang Le, Kimberly Truong
D4:  Lauren Roberts

William F. Toler Memorial Scholarship
Gage Ritter, third-year dental student, is the recipient of the Toler Memorial Scholarship for 2017. This scholarship honors a third-year dental student who has shown outstanding academic ability throughout the first two years of school and has earned a high opinion within the dental school community for scholarship, leadership and citizenship, and professionalism.

Grace Voigt Scholarship
The Grace Voigt Scholarship honors second-, third-, and fourth-year dental students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, concern for fellow students and patients, high ethical standards, and dedication to the profession of dentistry. The 2017 recipients are Lacey Galliano, D2; Emily Allen D3; and Jonathan Doucet, D4.


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