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Student Pride

Lindsey Richard, senior dental student, received the ADEA/GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Preventive Dentistry Scholarship at the 2016 ADEA Annual Session in March. One of twelve dental students recognized nationally for academic excellence in preventive dentistry, Lindsey received a $2,500 scholarship with the award. A native of Arnaudville, Louisiana, Lindsey graduated summa cum laude from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a major in biology. A recipient of numerous scholarships and awards during her undergraduate and dental school career, Lindsey is currently president of the LSUSD Student Government Association.

Second-year dental student Nancy Ly was appointed the 2016-17 American Student Dental Association (ASDA) Legislative Coordinator (Districts 4-5) at the ASDA Board of Trustees meeting in January. She will work with district coordinators at other dental schools to provide leadership and support in the areas of legislation and advocacy through participation in the ASDA Council on Advocacy and the Legislative Grassroots Network. As the LSUSD 2015-2016 ASDA Legislative Liaison Chair, she has worked to expand the role of ASDA in our student body through various activities and programs. A native of West Monroe, Louisiana, Nancy graduated magna cum laude from LSU Shreveport with a major in biology.

Lindsey Richard (left) and Nancy Ly

Dental Practice: Private or Corporate?

According to the American Dental Association, in 1990 almost 93% of dentists chose to work in private practice. By 2009, the percentage of employed dentists more than doubled and new dental school graduates are three times more likely than they were a decade ago to seek employment in a large group practice. The burden of student debt, coupled with the resistance to take on the responsibilities of establishing and managing a practice, have made the corporate model an attractive option for new graduates. The American Dental Education Association reports that the average dental student graduates with at least $241,000 in student loan debt—an increase of more than 66% in the last decade. For LSUHSC School of Dentistry dental students, the average debt is approximately $152,000.

To help students understand the advantages and disadvantages of private and corporate practice, the LSUSD chapter of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) recently sponsored a noon-time debate. Moderated by Dean Gremillion, the program featured a practitioner from each model. Representing the traditional model was Hunter Charvet, Jr., DDS, an LSUSD 2009 graduate, who practices in Metairie. Corporate dentistry was represented by Seth Gibree, DDS, a 2001 graduate from the University of Alabama and an affiliate of Heartland Dental, in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Gibree has had experience in both types of practice.

A central theme of the discussion was the degree of freedom and flexibility experienced by dentists in each type of practice. Both dentists agreed that private practitioners, with the freedom to make all decisions for the practice, have more control. However, Dr. Gibree added that because someone else handles the business and management aspect of the practice, the dentist is able to spend more time “doing dentistry.”

Program organizers Brenna Croft, ASDA president, and Nancy Ly, ASDA legislative liaison chair, brought a timely and significant topic to the student body. As an indication of the interest, students from all four dental classes filled the auditorium.

(l-r) Dr. Hunter Charvet, Jr., Nancy Ly, Brenna Croft, Dean Gremillion, Dr. Seth Gibree


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