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Julio Zavala, CDT of the Year

Julio Zavala, master certified dental technician, and associate professor in the dental laboratory technology program, has been named the 2016 CDT of the Year by the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL). He received the award on January 22 at the NADL Vision 21 annual meeting in Las Vegas. Zavala earned a bachelor's in DLT from LSUSD in 1996 and his first CDT certification just one year later. He has earned five CDT certifications as well as the Master CDT. As both a student and educator, he has numerous awards, including the John Lapez Award, Chancellor's Award, and six Golden Apple Excellence in Teaching awards from both dental and DLT classes.

Dr. Arturo Mendez, retired chairman of the prosthodontics department, praised Mr. Zavala, "He is the consummate team player, a highly dedicated and dependable individual with an exemplary work ethic."

Julio Zavala, CDT

2015 Class Reunion Gifts:  It's a Wrap!

For over two decades, the LSUHSC School of Dentistry Office of Alumni Relations has helped to organize class reunion gatherings in conjunction with the NODA/LDA Annual Session in New Orleans. Typically, reunions are held every five years, and last year most classes with graduation years ending in "0" or "5" held reunion events at various Warehouse District and French Quarter venues. Dean Henry Gremillion always enjoys making the rounds to visit and catch up with alumni.

Reunion celebrations also offer graduates the opportunity to give back to their alma mater. This year alumni donated nearly $100,000 in support of various departments and for the renovation of the student preclinical laboratories. The labs, where students perfect their hand skills prior to patient treatment, have not been renovated since the school's inception in 1972. It is expected that the renovation will be complete within two years.

Special recognition goes to the class of 1980 for the largest amount raised and the highest participation rate:  $21,850 and 33 percent. The class also raised enough funds to name a student simulation unit in its honor. Each unit requires a minimum gift of $15,000 for naming rights and to date, 69 units have been named in honor of individuals, organizations, and DDS classes. Class reunion gift campaigns run an entire year and include all gifts, pledges and pledge payments contributed during that year.

Members of the DDS Class of 1980 celebrate at their reunion at the
Acme Oyster House in the French Quarter


Some classes are planning reunions for the weekend of the 2016 NODA/LDA Annual Session, which will be held on April 14-16. If your graduation year ends in a "1" or "6", please visit our website or contact Katie Kelley, MBA, at (504) 941-8120 or kell2@lsuhsc.edu, for more information.

More class reunion photos:

Members of the DDS Class of 1975 at the Alumni Reception in the Warehouse District


Members of the DDS Class of 1985 celebrate at their reunion at the Bourbon House in the French Quarter


Members of the DDS Class of 1995 celebrate at their reunion at Arnaud's in the French Quarter


Members of the DDS Class of 2005 celebrate at their reunion at Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar in the Warehouse District


Members of the DDS Class of 2010 celebrate at their reunion at the Cellar Door in the Warehouse District


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