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Attendees Registered

Registered reunion attendees will be added to the list daily.
Register now or call (504) 941-8120 for more information.

DDS 1977

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Barsley (Gwen) Dr. and Mrs. Henry Gremillion (Mackey)
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Belanger (Bertha) Dr. and Mrs. R. Michael Lee (Darlene)
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Berthold (Dorota Krakowska) Dr. and Mrs. Michael Lorio (Ann)
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Bertucci (Sharon) Dr. and Mrs. Rick Martin (Mary)
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bourns (Mary Lynn) Dr. and Mrs. David Melancon (Shirley)
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Campanella (Debbie) Dr. and Mrs. Walter Platt (Kay)
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Donald (Mary) Dr. G. Lane Stephenson
Dr. Bennett Fontenot Dr. and Mrs. Lamar Waguespack, Jr. (Angele)
Dr. Frank Gaensehals (Leah Gaensehals)  


DDS 1982

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Bayles (Mary Jo) Dr. Cindy Miciotto
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent DiLeo, Jr. (Mary Lee) Dr. Rodney Plummer
Dr. Nanette LoCoco Dr. Lisa Rackley
  Drs. Aymee Costales-Spindler and Steve Spindler


DDS 1987

Dr. Jorge Aguilar Dr. John C. Guidry
Dr. and Mrs. Dimetry Cossich (Emme) Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hoffritz (Carol)
Dr. Kevin Collins (Ms. Linda Harris)  


DDS 1992

Drs. Gregory and Chantal Ellis Dr. Michele Lavergne

DDS 1997

Dr. Melissa Aldy (Mr. Craig Gonzales) Dr. and Mrs. Steven Pfingsten (Carri)
Dr. Timothy Melancon  


DDS 2007

Dr. Molly D. Burns Dr. Casey Iverstine (Mr. Dallas Morris)
Dr. Cynthia Caldwell (Mr. Paul Dey) Dr. Natalie Jackson (Mr. John Dillworth)
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Daho (Emily) Drs. Michael and Thuy-Hang Wiesner
Dr. Emile Geneux  

DDS 2012

Dr. Danielle Causey Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Patella (Jackie)
Drs. Ashley and Thomas Holman Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Petitto (Sarah)
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Hood (Lauren) Dr. and Mrs. Blake Price (Ashley)
Dr. and Mrs. Cole Johnson (Jo) Dr. and Mrs. Richie Rathke (Morgan)
Dr. Catrinel Jordan Dr. Zach Staples
Dr. Richard Keech  


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